JAG Architecture works closely with clients: whether you are a credit tenant, developer building owner, broker, property manager or end user – in order to establish an effective solution for your business or office needs. JAG will analyze and efficiently lay out space in order to maximize function, and more importantly, investment. JAG Architecture has an extensive record of Tenant Improvement, Remodel and Tenant Coordination projects which include: large retail chains, developers, offices and local small business owners.

We believe in working closely with our clients to ensure their satisfaction by way of our communication approach throughout the design process. JAG's use of software that creates Building Information Modelling (BIM). This software allows us to create not only detailed construction documents, but also renderings that illicit realisticpreviews of the finished space. This is allows our firm to show you what your space will look like at completion even before construction has begun. This has so many advantages with not only preventing possible pitfalls during construction, but also in preventing any miscommunication that may occur between you, the client, and our design team.