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Our Practice Process - Where Commerce meets Design

We've distilled our studio design process into 4 Phases – the same phases we have been using for more than 25 years. In these phases, you will work closely with a Principal-In-Charge and Project Manager who is specialized in your area of commerce as your point of contact throughout the entire project from conception to completion.



The first steps of a project are to gain an understanding of the proposed site and the comprehension of the client’s needs and vision.

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We call that “programming”. Frequently, the program is clarified or refined in this phase, as general objectives and desires are articulated. Other basic parameters are established as well, including code research, rough budgets and time lines.



Schematic Design:

Typically, several design options get evaluated in the schematic design phase.

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The purpose is to find the right design concept without getting lost in details too soon. This process is informed by the site analysis in pre-design and the research of local building codes and elements.Site-specific concerns, combined with our experience form the backdrop for the creative process of translating the client’s program and preferences into a coherent design. The project begins to take shape, first as a loose sketch, and later as CAD plans and 3-D renderings. As constraints are encountered and various possibilities explored, we work closely with the client to focus the goals of the project into an innovative design that merges function, form, environment and budget.

Design Development

In the Design Development phase, the design that emerged out of the schematic phase gets refined, and the structure of the building evolves. There is still plenty of interaction with the client; In a commercial project, the focus shifts to issues such as space optimization or adaptability. Interaction with consultants intensifies, involving structural and mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering. Larger, more complex projects might require geotechnical and civil engineers, landscape architects, lighting or interior designers, acoustical engineers, and so on. Bringing in a contractor early is wise for any kind of project, primarily to help assess costs and allow adjustments while it’s still relatively easy. At the end of design development, all basic parameters of the building are established in plan, elevation and section drawings.


Construction Documents

Our designers will meet the customer to gather more Information.

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Construction Administration & Close Out

After the project breaks ground, it is the responsibility of the contractor to implement the plans.

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However, a certain level of oversight is needed to ensure the proper execution of a design, and to make sure that a building reaches its potential. Requests for clarification or additional details may come from the jobsite. Good communication between the contractor and the architect is in the client’s best interest, and regular site visits during construction are of great value.

"JAG Architecture has specialized commercial design expertise in several commercial market sectors and continues to work with a wide array of corporate clients who are national and regional segment leaders." 

- Gene Rascon, Director, Marketing & Client Relations.

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Retail Design

JAG is skilled in the design of all types of retail buildings including small, medium grocery anchored and large scale shopping centers, malls and main street and box retail, gas stations, car maintenance and carwashes.

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JAG provides astute client guidance and design acumen from conception to completion. Our retail clients enjoy our full spectrum of design and planning services that will enhance your commercial success.

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Restaurant/Hospitality Design

Every restaurant concept presents an opportunity to incorporate the appeal of a local culture, aesthetic and cuisine. We work aggressively to create restaurants with levels of architecture and cultural allure to attract desirable foot traffic and repeat visits. Great care & detailing will be done for each component of your restaurant concept giving a premium designer feel.

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Our Approach:

The Site - We will measure, photograph and analyze the physical space and the mechanical features of your existing restaurant before we begin designing a new space.

Floor plans - We will create floor plans based on your specific concept. Whether you will be opening a QSR restaurant, a fast casual restaurant, a casual dining restaurant or a fine dining establishment we will analyze your business model and interview you to create front and back of house floor plans that flow harmoniously.

Creating a Concept - Our designers work with you to create the aesthetic and a greater dining experience. We do this within your targeted demographic. You restaurant style will match your location. Designing from scratch the possibilities will be unlimited for your concept. Inversely, when redesigning an existing space, you have to have a clear vision because remodeling a restaurant can be much more challenging than designing a restaurant from the ground up. A remodeled restaurant has less flexibility as areas of the building are already set in place i.e. kitchen. Not to mention the possibility for discovering problems with the construction are larger when you remodel an existing space.

Preliminary interior design We present you with a new layout for your restaurant, material boards that include furniture and finish selections, and if requested a 3-D rendering

Designing for functionality The food preparation area and any bar area must coordinate and function together coherently. Your staff and patrons should be able to move about freely.

Style Designing Our design architects can remodel restaurants of any size. We can also design any type of restaurant i.e. QSR, fast casual, casual, institutional or fine dining. We can also design a restaurant concept where the type of cuisine drives the design.

Materials and finishes. We guide you on the kinds of materials and finishes you select for your restaurant as they influence how your customers experiences the space. These materials and finishes help create the ambiance and character of your restaurant..

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Corporate/Medical Office Design

Whether you are designing your corporate offices for the first time or remodeling your existing office, your office/s are a representation of your business and it also influences the productivity of your staff.

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Corporate Office Design requires experience in designing corporate offices like the ones you’ll find at JAG has the creativity and skills in providing guidance while your new offices are being designed. Consider that your staff needs to be able to communicate with each other throughout the day. We ascertain the right plan and configuration to facilitate team communication. Whether todays corporate culture is a traditional cubicle model to an open workspace plan. We design a plan that is best suited to your business’s corporate culture or the type of culture you hope to present. A well-designed corporate office can draw attract more new business, enhance the morale of your employees and facilitate communication and workflow. At JAG we want you to thrive. Our creativity and skills can help you get there.

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Mixed-Use Design

JAG can design mixed use residential developments with our unique skill set fo combining retail design skills with residential to create unique urban environments.

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Grocery Design

We have been designing grocery markets since our inception and have allied with many national, regional and local grocery market leaders. We work with a variety of known grocers in the main and hispanic marketplace. .

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We continually seek to enhance the grocery market experience. Whether a stand alone, anchor grocery store, remodel or right-sizing project our grocery specialists will make your project achieve its potential.

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Pharmacy Design

JAG Architecture is a Regional Architect for the Southern-Northern California region for Rite Aid Pharmacy.

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Rite Aid Pharmacy New Store Program:

Our role includes the completion of construction documents for new store projects as well as coordination and administration of project services.

To date, JAG has designed over 100 stores for Rite Aid pharmacy in California. This work is closely coordinated with Rite Aid to ensure that current prototypical standards are followed.

JAG provides complete services from building surveys to construction documentation for free standing buildings as well as in-line stores.

Rite Aid Pharmacy Remodel Program:

Since 2008, JAG has been providing construction documentation and administration services for the renovation and remodel of existing retail stores To date we have completed over 100 remodel and special project. This includes remodel the implementation of Redi Clinics within metropolitan pharmacy locations.

Services include highly detailed building surveys to develop as-built drawings of existing spaces, digital photography, and survey data forms. Necessary building permit approvals are also coordinated.